Thank you for visiting DogPoopBags.co.uk. We are a small business based in Cheshire. We are dedicated to serving your needs with our high-calibre customer service and providing top quality degradable dog poop bags.


Our Tie Handle Biodegradable Poop Bags are oxo-biodegradable through the use of either d2w or epi-degradable plastic additive during the production process.  This means that once the bagged dog poop is collected and disposed of appropriately, a break down process of both the dog poop and the poop bags begins.  In simple summary, the poop bags break down into small pieces while the dog poop naturally degrades. When these small pieces come into contact with the surrounding earth matter, a further break down process occurs which fully degrades the poop bags. 

 A simple and effective solution to a huge environmental issue.

More information can be found at  http://www.degradable.net  or  http://www.epi-global.com